Brush Roll for Trilogy & Powerlifter Vacuums 1606282


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Brush Roll for the Powerlifter Super Light 1576W and Trilogy Super Light 1683. Check your vacuum cleaner’s brush roll and drive belt regularly for debris, wear, or damage. Debris can wrap around the brush and hamper its ability to effectively clean your carpet. Unplug your vacuum cleaner from the electrical outlet. Remove the hand vac from the rest of the vacuum. Remove extension wand from power foot. With flat head screwdriver or coin, turn the two brush cover locks into unlock position. Remove the brush covers. (Do not lose these brush covers). Lift the rotating floor brush to remove. Clean strings, hair and other debris from the brush, paying special attention to the brush ends. Check air passage way for obstructions. Remove any debris from this area. Clean debris from the motor pulley and drive belt areas. Note the belt is not removable. When cleaning is complete, put brush roll back into the foot nozzle. Align the drive belt slots to the end of the brush roll that also has slots. Once the belt and brush roll slots are aligned, secure the brush roll into the foot nozzle slots. When correctly re-assembled, you will be able to turn the brush roll with your fingers smoothly. Put the brush cover locks back into place and use a coin or flat head screwdriver to turn back into lock position.

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