Dirt Tank – GREY – for Select Vacuum Cleaners 1616183


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Dirt Tank in GREY for Select Upright Vacuums including CleanView Swivel Non-Rewind Vacuum Cleaners, Series 2252, and 2316. To empty the dirt tank, follow these directions: Press the tank release button and pull out to remove tank. Hold the dirt tank over a trash container. Press the bottom release button to empty. Once empty, close the lid. Twist cyclone left and pull down to remove from tank. Clean cyclone with warm water and mild detergent. Let cyclone completely dry before replacing. To replace, fit into place and twist to the right. After emptied, place tank back on vacuum and press firmly until you hear “click”. Note: You may wash the dirt tank with warm water and mild detergent, but be sure it is completely dry before replacing back on to machine.

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