Dirty Tank for CrossWave Wet/Dry Vac 1614239


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Dirty Water Tank for CrossWave Pet Wet/Dry Vac, Series 2305, 2306, 2328. Follow these instructions to properly maintain the Dirt Tank on your Bissell CrossWave Pet. To release dirty water tank, press down on recessed button on the top of the dirty tank. Grab the front handle while pressing down on button and pull dirty water tank away from the unit. Grasp top of dirty water tank in recessed areas on each side of the filter and pull upward to remove the top of the tank. Remove strainer from dirty tank then throw debris in the trash. Pour dirty water out. Rinse the inside of the dirty water tank. Remove the filter from the top of the dirty water tank by pulling it up. Hand wash the vacuum filter and screen with warm water and mild detergent. Rinse the float located at the bottom of the top of the dirty water tank. If the inside area where the dirty water tank sits is dirty, wipe it clean with a rag or towel. Leave parts out to dry before reassembling. Place vacuum filter back into the top of the dirty water tank Place strainer back into the dirty water tank. Once parts are dry, reassemble and replace the top of the dirty water tank. Angle the dirt tank back into body of machine inserting bottom first. Then tilt the top of the dirt tank toward the machine and push into place until you hear a click.

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