Post Motor Pleated Filter for Select Vacuum Cleaners 1614256


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Replacement Post Motor Pleated Filter for Select Upright Vacuums, including PowerGlide 2215 Series. To properly maintain this filter follow these instructions: With the dirt container removed, press the red release button to access this post motor filter. Tap the post motor filter against the side of the trash can to shake out the dirt. DO NOT WASH THIS FILTER. Replace the post motor filter by first inserting the ribs on the left side of the filter into the lift side of the filter housing than snapping the right side into place. Replace the filter cover door. It is recommended to change out with a new filter every 3 – 6 months depending on how often the vacuum is used. Clean filters will keep the suction power of your vacuum at optimal levels. Dirty filters will restrict air flow and lower suction power.

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